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Roses, Tulips, and Liberty (RTL) is an alternate-history project that imagines a world where the Dutch became the dominant force in North America in the 17th to 19th centuries instead of the British. This simple divergence point erases much of OTL history and replaces it with a wholly new one, complete with different sets of events, historical figures, and nations.

The story starts in the 17th century, when the Dutch Republic created the colony of New Netherland on the eastern coast of North America, on what is now the U.S. state of New York. In the real world, the Dutch colony of New Netherland (OTL) came to an end after it was ceded to England in 1667 after the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War. However, in Roses, Tulips, and Liberty, the colony holds out and repels the English invasion. Learn how by visiting the wiki page on New Netherland, a good and must-read page for the RTL timeline.

From that point, the surviving New Netherland was a springboard for further Dutch exploration into the Americas and diplomacy with the indigenous nations (notably the Iroquois). However, it was not long until the Dutch Republic's colonial ambitions clashed with Spain's.

RTL aims to create a whole different world based on the premise above in a holistic manner, working from the 17th century until the present day.

Further Reading

Some useful articles for learning more about RTL lore are linked below.

If you would like to ask questions, give feedback, you can reach us out via the Say/Ask anything thread pinned on the RTL Subreddit.

The world of Roses, Tulips, & Liberty

Below is a map of the Roses, Tulips, and Liberty universe set in 1895. The map is centered on the Americas, as it is the focal point of the project. Other parts of the world are still given attention though but in lesser detail.
World of rtl 1895.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose does the RTL Wiki serve, when there's already a subreddit?

RTL's subreddit and wiki serve different but overlapping purposes. This timeline's official subreddit is used as the main channel for announcements and updates on the project. New maps are posted there as well. Meanwhile, this wiki serves as the body of knowledge for the entire timeline. Everything you can find on this wiki is canon. This ensures that the project's collaborators have a consistent repository of lore to work with, resulting in clean and consistent lore. Despite being an internal tool for the collaborators, the wiki is also open to reading for curious onlookers (like you!).

How can I help RTLwiki?

Editing permission for the RTLwiki is only available for RTL's collaborators. This measure is in place to prevent any unauthorized edits or any form of vandalism. New collaborators are always welcome, however. If you wish to help RTL write wiki pages, you can send a message on Reddit to u/WannabeeCartographie.

Why is it called "Roses, Tulips, and Liberty?"

The Roses, Tulips, and the Liberty pertain to New Netherland's complicated history with England (Rose), the Dutch Republic (Tulips), and her independence in 1795 (liberty). More specifically, it refers to the Autumn War of 1795. When the Dutch Republic was subjugated by the French Republic in 1795, the Dutch stadtholder William V ordered New Netherland to surrender to Britain for "safekeeping". However, New Netherland's leader refused to acknowledge this order. Britain then sent an ultimatum for the New Netherland colonial government to surrender. When they refused to do so, they were plunged into a war against Britain known as the Autumn War. This war is the most significant war in New Netherland history, and is often regarded as the independence war.