International League

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International League
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The International League is an intergovernmental organization established in the aftermath of the Great War (1935-1939). It was conceived to manage the post-war landscape, and served as a spiritual successor to the Cordial League, the alliance system between Britain and Russia.

However, due to post-war geopolitical tensions arising during the Silent War in the 1940s to 1960s, the International League saw its real geopolitical power diminished, and superseded by Britain and Russia's own international political blocs, the Organization of Democratic Nations (ODN) and the International Republican Coalition (IRC) respectively.

Despite this lack of real power, the organization still played an essential role in international politics, serving as an international diplomatic forum, facilitating dialogue and negotiation among member states. The International League has also been instrumental in standardizing various aspects of science, technology, maritime practices, and aeronautical logistics.

It has also managed the annual International Games, a prominent international sporting event.

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