Organization of Democratic Nations

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Organization of Democratic Nations
Emblem of the ODN
Member states as of 1965
PurposeMilitary alliance
Economic partnership
HeadquartersLondon, England

The Organization of Democratic Nations (ODN) is a political and military alliance formed by the United Kingdom in 1945. Composed of democratic nations (usually aligned to Great Britain), its aim is to promote democracy, peace, and security in the world. The ODN serves as a bulwark against the growing National Republican influence promoted by the International Republican Coalition (IRC) led by Russia. The ODN has also been instrumental in the decolonization process, helping former colonies to gain independence and sovereignty. Its headquarters are located in London, England. The ODN has been involved in several international conflicts, including the Silent War, where it has supported democratic nations against authoritarian National-Republican regimes.


The ODN was Britain's response to the formation of the International Republican Coalition in 1941. However, it's formation did not take until four years later after the IRC was founded. This was due to the reluctance of British allies to be involved in such an organization, fearing that it might drag them into the conflict in British India against the United Jambudweep and Russia. The ODN was only founded in 1945, a year after a peace treaty was signed between Britain and the now independent nation of Jambudweep


The Organization of Democratic Nations (ODN) boasts a diverse membership, consisting of British-aligned nations, and several post-colonial states that share a commitment to promoting democracy, peace, and security in the wake of their independence from colonial powers. As of 1965, there are 60 member nations of the ODN.

ODN Membership by 1965 (not including dependent or sub-national territories)
Continent Member count Nations
Europe 17 Albania, Bohemia, France, Hanover, Hellas, Iceland, Illyria, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Pomerania, Portugal, Rhineland Republic, Saxony, Sicily, United Kingdom, Venice
Asia 13 Carnatic, India, Japan, Jerusalem, Kamarupa, Kampuchea, Lahej, Oman, Persia, Tauland, United Gulf States, Viet Nam, Yemen
Africa 23 Abyssinia, Barotseland, Borgu, Butua, Congo Federation, Dar Runga, East Africa, Egypt, Equatoria, Gambia, Gimbala, Iorubaland, Kongo, Maravi, Natalia, Niger, Numidia, Rozvi, Salvatia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tripolitania, Tunisia
South America 3 Brasil, Carolina, Guyana, Peru
Oceania and the Pacific 3 Aotearoa, Georgia, Hava-i

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