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Kingdom of Portugal
Reino de Portugal
Largest CityLisbon
Population10 million
Government TypeConstitutional Monarchy

Portugal, officially the Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese: Reino de Portugal), is a country located in the westernmost region of the Iberian Peninsula. The majority of the country is located in continental Europe, where it only borders Spain. The kingdom is composed of six continental provinces and two overseas provinces in the Atlantic: Madeira and Azores. Since 1922, Portugal is a constituent country of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brasil.


Government and politics

Scheme displaying the functioning of the government of the Luso-Brasilian Union

Portugal is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy. Therefore, the monarchs have their power limited by a constitution and act only as the Head of State of the country. In the case of Portugal, which is in a dual monarchy with Brasil, the monarch took the role of appointing common ministers to both constituent countries. They are the Royal Chancellor for foreign affairs and the minister of defense . The role of Head of Government is put in the hands of the prime minister.

List of monarchs

House of Braganza

House of Habsburg

  • Philip V (1771-1789)

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