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Emirate of Turan

Location of Turan
Official languagesPersian

Turan is a monarchy located in Central Asia, bordering Turkestan, Serindia, and Afghanistan. It was established in 1979 following the Turanian Revolution, which led to the dissolution of its predecessor state, the National Republic of Tajikistan. Turan shares close ties with Persia and Afghanistan, both culturally and politically.


The roots of modern Turan trace back to the 1940s to 1970s when its predecessor state, Tajikistan, was under the dominance of the more powerful Turkestan in the north. This period of dominance led to growing resentment among the Tadjik population, resulting in numerous uprisings throughout the 1970s. These uprisings culminated in a civil war aimed at ousting Russian and Turkestani influence and establishing a monarchy.

The royalist revolutionaries, covertly supported by Persia, rallied under the new name of Turan. Despite intervention from Turkestan and pleas for assistance from Russia, the national republican government was unable to defeat the royalist forces. By 1979, the civil war ended with a Turanian royalist victory, leading to the formal adoption of the name Turan and the dissolution of the National Republic of Tajikistan.

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