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Japanese Republic

Nihon Minkoku
Flag of Japan
The Japanese Republic (red) and claimed territories (orange).
The Japanese Republic (red) and claimed territories (orange).
Largest cityEdo
Official languagesJapanese
GovernmentUnitary national republic
• Head of state
Maquino Xunja
LegislatureNational Parliament

Japan, officially the Japanese Republic (Japanese: 日本民國, Nihon Minkoku), is an archipelagic country in northeastern Asia bordering Ainu Mosir to the north, the Sea of Japan to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south. The country's effective jurisdiction consists of just above 13,000 islands. Its capital, Osaka, sits roughly in the center of country, while its largest metropolis Edo lays in the southeastern plains.

From the 6th century to 1981, Japan was a monarchy. Seven hundred of these years saw various shogunates—governments run by military leaders—assume de facto control of political affairs. Only with the reign of Empress Sakuramaci in 1895 did Japan adopt constitutional governance. The Japanese Revolution of the 1980s, preceded by a period of heavy internal civil unrest known as the Dirty War, saw the monarchy toppled and an IRC-backed national republic created in its place. Maquino Xunja has served as head of the republic since the formation of his administration in 1981. Japan has also laid nominal claim to the Imperial-run Bonin Islands and Tauland's Loetsjoe archipelago since this date.

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