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Duchy of Pomerania

Herzogtum Pommern
Flag of Pomerania
Largest cityDanzig
Official languagesGerman
Recognised regional languagesMarkish • High Prussian • Pomeranian • Wendish

Pomerania, officially the Duchy of Pomerania (German: Herzogtum Pommern), is a country located in north-central Europe. Its northern coastline is on the Baltic Sea, while to the west, south, and east, it is bordered by Hanover, Saxony, and Poland respectively. It is one of several constitutional monarchies on the continent, having been established as such in 1757 with the Croyengreiff dynasty at its head. Among the German states, it boasts the most productive agricultural and tourism economies. Since 1945, it has been a member of the Organization of Democratic Nations and the North Sea Economic Cooperative Council.


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