Croÿ dynasty

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Croÿ dynasty
Haus von Croyengreiff
Parent houseCroÿ-d’Havré (agnatic)
Griffin (enatic)
TitlesDuke of Pomerania
Prince of Stolp

The Croÿ–Griffin dynasty (/kru.wi/; German: Haus von Croyengreiff, Dutch: Huis van Croij), better known as the von Croy family, is the ruling house of Pomerania. In 1695, the modern house was established as a merger of the Croÿ-d’Havré noble line and the ancient Griffin dynasty. It was only as a consequence of the Great Silesian War that the family became the royal family of Pomerania in 1757, re-establishing the Duchy of Pomerania, a realm which their maternal Griffin ancestors had lost to the Prussians one hundred-and-twenty years prior.


List of notable members

Portrait Name Birth Death
Ernst von Croyengreiff
Stadtholder of Farther Pomerania
c. 1653

Stolp, Margraviate of Brandenburg

Son of Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ and Dorothea Levins
28 June 1700

Stettin, Swedish Pomerania

Family tree

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