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National Republic of Rumelia

Румели Улусал Цумхуриыети
Rumeli Ulusal Dschumhurijeti
Location of Rumelia
Official languagesTurkish
GovernmentUnitary national republic

The National Republic of Rumelia is a country located in the Balkans, sharing borders with Bulgaria to the north, Hellas to the south, and the Ottoman Sultanate to the east. Formerly a part of the Ottoman Empire, Rumelia was established as a national republican state for the Turkish people in the aftermath of the Great War (1935-1939). It is a founding member of the International Republican Coalition. It's government subscribes to the ideology of National republicanism.



Rumelia was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the Balkans for centuries. However, following the defeat of the Ottomans in the Great War in 1939, Russia seized control of the region and established Rumelia as a separate state for the Turks. Constantinople and surrounding areas around the Dardanelles strait was established as the Russo-Rumelian Straits Condominium, that lasted from 1938 to 1984, before sovereignty was fully transferred to Rumelia.

National Republican rule

During Halil Kadiroghlu Schumnulu's chairmanship (1942-1945), he implemented social reforms, including the standardization of the Turkish language in the Edirne dialect and the teaching of the Cyrillic alphabet in schools. After his death, his daughter, Azize Halilkizi Schumnulu, became the first female head of state in the world as chairwoman of Rumelia. Azize established her rule with an iron fist, formalizing Turkish as the sole official language and outlawing the Arabic script. She implemented transportation and communication systems to prevent the isolation of Macedonia, Thrace, and Dobrudja from the rest of the Rumelian nation. In 1946, she made abortion illegal, and outlawed birth control, resulting in a temporary rise in population. However, widespread protests led her to repeal these laws in 1951, making these protests the only successful ones in Rumelia.



Rumelia's official language is Turkish, based on the Edirne dialect. In line with the language reform laws implemented by Azize Schumunlu, the country adopted Cyrillic as the writing system for the Turkish language. This change was intended to distance the country from its Ottoman roots and align it with Russia, and other Cyrillic-using nations in the Balkans and in the International Republican Coalition. Turkish Cyrillic has since become an established part of Rumelian society and culture.

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