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Location of Tripolitania
Largest cityCyrene
Official languagesArabic and English
Minority languages

Tripolitania (from Greek Τριπολιτάνια; Arabic: طرابلس, Ṭrablɘs or Ṭarábulus) is a country in northern Africa laying on the 30th parallel north. The country is mainly covered by an arid desert, with the littoral boasting a Mediterranean climate. Tripolitania is bordered by the Libyan Sea to the north; Tunisia, Tawareck, and Shamba to the west; Todaga to the south, and Egypt to the east. The country is a member of the Organization of Democratic Nations.


The country was under direct Ottoman rule from 1511 to the mid-18th century. Tripolitania's economy was almost entirely focused on the trans-Saharan slave trade, the exportation of salt, piracy, and Mediterranean commerce. In 1758, the Turco-Maltese renegade and molla Mustafa Kerfishi overthrew the Ottoman pascha at Tripoly, establishing the Kerfishi dynasty alongside a government that would rule Tripolitania autonomously for centuries to come.

During the Great War, a joint Anglo-Tunisian force invaded Tripolitania in February 1938 in order to dismantle Ottoman authority in the region. After the Russo-Persian War, the country sided with the rest of the Organization of Democratic Nations during the Global Oil Crisis of the 1970s.

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