International Republican Coalition

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The International Republican Coalition is an intergovernmental mutual defense organization between Russia and the many National Republican states around the world.

International Republican Coalition
Международная Республиканская Коалиция
Meždunarodnaja Respublikanskaja Koalicija
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Emblem of the IRC
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Member states as of 1945
AbbreviationIRC (English); MPK (Russian)
PurposeMilitary alliance
Economic partnership
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia


An international organization composed of National Republican states was first conceived by Anastaze Ozero Muromsky, the first Chairman of the Russian National Republic, during the midst of the Russo-Corean War. Ozero had envisioned a collective defensive alliance to act as a bulwark against expansionist states like the Corean Empire, which they had recently defeated in 1936. Talks between the National-Republican nations occurred shortly after the Great War ended in 1939, which culminated in the founding of the IRC two years later in 1941.

Member Nations

Founding Members

Later Members