Minor organizations or factions in the Silent War

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North Sea Economic Cooperative Council (NSECC)

The North Sea Economic Cooperative Council (NSECC) was an initiative led by the Great Britain and the Netherlands aimed at rebuilding Europe after the devastation of the Great War (1935-1939). Founded in 1940, the NSECC sought to foster economic cooperation and development between the nations around the North Sea. The organization aimed to facilitate trade and investment, reduce trade barriers, and improve infrastructure in the region. Its efforts were instrumental in the early stages of post-war reconstruction and contributed to the economic stability of the region.

Pacific Rim Security Treaty (PRST)

The Pacific Rim Security Treaty (PRST) is a regional security organization that includes several British-aligned nations situated along the Pacific Rim. The member nations include Viet Nam, Timor, the Philippines, and Japan. The primary goal of the PRST is to ensure peace and security in the region through coordinated efforts and mutual defense agreements. The organization was established in 1948, and it has since played a critical role in maintaining stability and promoting economic growth in the Pacific Rim. It is headquartered in Manila, the Philippines.

La Hispanidad

La Hispanidad is an association of states that share historical ties with the former Spanish Empire. It was founded in 1929 following the overthrow of the Spanish monarchy by the Spanish Republic. The organization includes Spain, and their former colonies and protectorates in Africa and Asia, such as Morocco, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Timor. Notably absent from the organization are Hispanophone American nations, who declined to join due to lingering animosity towards Spain. The primary goals of La Hispanidad are to promote cultural and economic ties among member states and to preserve and celebrate the shared heritage of the Spanish-speaking world.

Commonwealth League

The Commonwealth League is a political and cultural association of states that have historical ties with the British Empire. It initially served as a forum for discussions between the United Kingdom and the self-governing colonies, with the goal of promoting economic cooperation and political stability among its members. Today, the organization includes former British colonies and territories from around the world, united by shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. The Commonwealth League continues to play an important role in promoting economic development, cultural exchange, and political cooperation among its member states.

Mesopotamian League

The Mesopotamian League, established in 1966, is a collective association of the five independent emirates of Deir Azzor, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul, and Basrah. The League was founded under the Treaty of Baghdad with the goal of fostering cooperation, particularly in managing oil resources and maintaining regional security.

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