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This is a list of languages spoken after and during the 18th century organised by language family.

Language families

The thousands of languages of the world can be classified into 24 major language families (not including isolates) which have been nearly universally recognised (with several notable objections and exceptions) since the 1930s.

  • Algonquian (Algonquisch), mainly spoken in northeastern America
  • Asiatic (Asiatisch), spoken in eastern Asia, Tibet, Erawa, and in the diaspora
  • Australian (Australische), spoken on the Australian continent
  • Austric (Zuidelijk), spoken in southeast Asia, the island of Madagaskira, and the Pacific
  • Azanian (Azanisch), spoken across Africa
  • Aztalanic (Aztalanisch), spoken almost exclusively within Mexico
  • Basque (Baskisch), spoken in northern Spain, southwestern France, and in northern America
  • Caucasian (Kaukasisch), spoken in the Caucasus region
  • Dravido-Corean (Dramidisch-Coreaans), native in the Carnatic and Corea and spoken in the diaspora
  • Erythraean (Erythreeër), widely spoken in Africa, Arabia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, etc.
  • Eskimo (Eskimo), exclusively spoken in northern Tussenland, Alyeska, and Greenland
  • Hunnic (Hunnisch), native to Hungary and western Russia
  • Iroquois (Irokees), spoken in northern America
  • Japonic (Jappisch), spoken mainly in Japan, Tauland, and the diaspora
  • Maipure (Maipureïsche), spoken across South America
  • Mande (Mandisch), spoken in western Africa
  • Maya (Maya), spoken in Mexico
  • North Pacific (Noordelijkisch), spoken in northern America and Russia
  • Papuan (Papaans), spoken in the Philippines and Australie
  • Quechua (Quetsjoea), mainly spoken in Peru and neighbouring states
  • Scythian (Scythische), spoken worldwide
  • Tai (Tai), spoken in southeast Asia and southern China
  • Tartarian (Tartarisch), spoken across Eurasia from Rumelia to Ainu Mosir
  • Tupi (Toepi), spoken across South America


The Scythian languages (Dutch: Scythische talen) are a language family native to Europe, Persia and its peripheries, and northern South Asia. In modern times, the languages have spread to Tauland, Oceania, and the Americas. This group is also sometimes referred to as the Aryan languages.

The term 'Scythian' was coined by Dutch linguist Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn, who proposed that several languages of Europe and Asia were related. Generally, the Scythian languages are divided into seven branches; Aegean, Aryan, Baltic, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, and Italic.



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