From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty

Why is it called "Roses, Tulips, and Liberty?"

The name "Roses, Tulips, and Liberty" refers to the complex history of New Netherland, involving England (Rose), the Dutch Republic (Tulips), and its independence in 1795 (liberty).

What purpose does the RTL Wiki serve, when there's already a subreddit?

The RTL project uses a subreddit and a wiki for different but related purposes. The subreddit is the main place for sharing updates, news, and new maps for the project. Meanwhile, the wiki is an organized collection of all the timeline's lore, so the collaborators can keep things consistent.

How can I help RTLwiki?

Only RTL contributors have permission to edit the RTL wiki, which helps prevent unauthorized changes or vandalism. But new contributors are always welcome! If you're interested in helping write wiki pages or make maps for RTL, feel free to send a message on Reddit to u/WannabeeCartographie.

Who is behind RTL?

The RTL team is just a bunch of folks who enjoy alternate history and work on the project for fun in their spare time. Wannabee, the creator of the RTL project, oversees its direction and activity. Throughout the project's existence, the team behind the project has changed, but core/regular lore contributors and writers include Wannabee, Bort, Tim, InnisMaps, and JVFreitas. Additionally, seasonal contributors like Karjo, BigSchwartzzz, Coso, and Imperolo have also contributed to the lore. Several talented mapmakers from Reddit's r/imaginarymaps community and DeviantArt have also contributed artworks to the project: Skipr14, Karjo, Varjagen, Drizel, Cattette, Maharlikan, the-art-gem, Sofia, Frank, and Coso.