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This is a Meta Page
This page provides information from a meta-perspective, outside the in-universe context.

This is a catalog of all maps organized in chronological order according to the lore of the RTL universe. This page will constantly be updated as more maps are being made. The maps listed below are links to their Reddit posts. Each map entry will also have a corresponding tag, which shows the year in which the map is set, and the continent/region concerned. Maps created by other users/contributors will be indicated on the title.

Key: NA: North America; CA: Caribbean & Central America; AF: Africa; EA: East Asia; EU: Europe. WORLD: World

Thanks again to all our contributors to the project!

17th Century

18th Century

19th Century

Other 19th Century

Wars of Humiliation Arc (1850-1895)

Post-2nd Dutch-Spanish War Arc

1895 Series

20th Century

The Great War Chapter

The Silent War

Modern Day

Disclaimer: Everything beyond this point may be subject to changes in the future.

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Fan and Non-Canon Maps