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Republic of Latium
Repubblica der Lazio
Location of Latium
Largest CityRome
LanguagesRomanesco (official)
Central Italian dialects

Latium, officially the Republic of Latium (Roman: Repubblica der Lazio) and often referred to as Rome or the Latin Republic is a country in the Italian peninsula. It is bordered by Tuscany, Venice, and Naples. The Republic was formed after the downfall of the Papal States and the murder of Pope Bonifacio X in 1908.


Premodern history

Inception of the Republic (1901-1909)

The Latial Famines of 1901 to 1903 had triggered popular revolts in the Papal States. Pope Innocent XVII became the main target of the public's wrath due to his and his predecessors' administration of the States. Innocent XVII proceeded to die in 1904. One of his favorite cardinals, Remondo di Muzio, was swiftly elected by the College of Cardinals as Boniface X soon after. Venice invaded the Papal States in 1908, exacerbating the severity of the revolts and further destabilizing the Papal States. A few weeks later, Boniface X was assassinated by radical republican Jacopo Marzullo in the Ponte district of Rome. Marzullo was allegedly in collaboration with an unnamed bishop. Soon after the incident, the members of the Roman Curia were expelled while the College of Cardinals was thrown into chaos.

Government and Politics



List of leaders

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