Pope Adrian VII

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Adrian VII
Personal details
Mark Caldewaeÿ

28 May 1909
Boschkill, Claerheydt, South Mizürie, Tussenland
Died26 December 1988
Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
MottoLegitime (Latin for 'lawfully')

Pope Adrian VII (Latin: Hadrianus VII, Amerikaens: Adriaen VII, Spanish: Adrián VII; born Mark Caldewaeÿ, [mɑɹk‿kɑldəvɑj]; 28 May 1909 – 26 December 1988) was the head of Roman Catholic Church from 10 February 1973 until his death fifteen years later. He was the first non-European pontiff elected to the office in 1,232 years. Under his reign, the Holy See consolidated its ultramontanist policies, thwarting attempts at reconciliation with the College of Cardinals in Rome and strengthening bonds with theocratic powers in the Blessed Isles and the Kongo. The papacy would also become a prominent mediator between the Organization of Democratic Nations and the International Republican Coalition during the Silent War, concomitantly fueling Catholic internationalism.

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