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Province of Westerzee
Largest CityMelenssel
LanguagesAmerikaens (official)

Westerzee (Amerikaens: Westerzee, Russian: Вестерзи tr. vesterzi, Corean: 웨서지), nicknamed Woschter, is a province of the Federation of Tussenland. First receiving notable numbers of settlers after Prince Maurice's War, it was finally established and inaugurated as a province in 1861.


Westerzee means 'western sea' in Dutch, referring to its position on the Pacific coast. The term was coined by a companion of Jacob Corneliszoon, Simon de Rascon y Tasman in 1797. It was first used in an official capacity in 1834 in the charter of town of Oranjehaven; "de Konnklÿck Tussenland Companie stemm in met de oprichtinck van de Kolonie Oranjehaven op 51e nörderbrîdt, de kust van de westerstî in de jurisdictie Westerzee".


Premodern history

Early settlement (1755-1795)

De Welparend Dags (1795-1840)

The pre-Dutch-Mexican War settlement patterns of the Pacific Northwest region.
The Five Expeditions
Russo-Dutch territorial disputes
The Voor Republics

Inception of the province (1840-1867)

The Construction (1867-1903)

Anti-Dutch insurrections and societal chaos (1903-1911)

Starting in 1903, anti-Dutch sentiment rose considerably in Westerzee province, aiming to shed the area's colonial past. Several local administrations in Westerzee and throughout Tussenland dramatically and simultaneously shed ties with the Netherlands. The Convention of 1905 declared the end of dominionship and the formal establishment of the Federation, a protocol which many district governments in Westerzee had enthusiastically ratified. In response, a Royal Dutch fleet arriving from the East Indies blockaded the Strait of Juan de Fuca in 1905 in an effort to re-establish their influence in the area. The blockade only lasted for a few weeks before being forced to retreat in the summer of 1905.

In the last few months of 1906, the central administration at Melenssel had finally accepted the pro-independence Governor Sjaak Vanetten as the primary executive of the province. This was achieved with the aid of regional militias and the Free Corps who had finally drove the Dutch garrison out of Schackiet District earlier that year. Westerzee was ultimately the last province of the Federation to capitulate to the revolutionaries and restored political stability in early 1907.

Government and Politics

Administrative divisions

  • Kolchak Island
  • New Friesland
  • Schackiet
  • Spuckanie
  • Susqualie



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