William III

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William III
BornWilliam Henry
14 November 1650
The Hague, Dutch Republic
Died2 May 1712 (age 61)
Isle of Thanet, United Kingdom
William IV
Elizabeth, Duchess of Cumberland
Maurice II, Prince of Orange
FatherWilliam II, Prince of Orange
MotherHenrietta I
prev. Dutch Reformed

William III (William Henry; Dutch: Willem III; 14 November 1650 – 2 May 1712) was the sovereign Prince of Orange and Count from Nassau from birth, serving until death as Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic from 1686, Elector-Palatine from 1690, and King of the United Kingdom from 1692. His reign over much of Western Europe and North America saw the protection of Protestant interests in opposition to France, the merger of England and Scotland and their respective churches with the Acts of Union, and increased commercial, financial, and societal collaboration between the Netherlands and Britain.

Though the scion of the House of Orange-Nassau, he was founder of the House of Stuart-Nassau, a royal clan which would rule the United Kingdom until the late 18th century. Due to his origins, he was commonly known as William of Orange (Willem van Oranje; German: Wilhelm von Oranien).

Early life: 1650–1677

Political debut, family, and marriage

Becoming stadtholder and count-palatine

Kingship: 1692–1712

Death and legacy


Titles and honors

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