Marieke Güman

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Marieke Güman
Personal details
Marieke Wierinck

21 June 1913
Oudendÿk, Ieries, New Netherland
Died5 June 1987 (age 73)
SpouseEdgar Güman (m. 1938)

Marieke Güman ([mɑːˈɹik(ə) cy.mɒn], 21 June 1913 – 5 June 1987), née Wierinck, was a New Netherlander politician and labor activist who served as the tenth Raedpensionaris of the country from 1955 to 1964. She is notable for being the first female head of government in North America and the only leader in New Netherland history to have faced and survived an attempted coup d'état. Güman is recognized as a pioneer of post-war laborism and one of the strongest public advocates of civil rights as well as a staunch opponent of the 'American Way' — New Netherland's integration into the Association of North American Nations.

Early life

Life in the Golden Era

Political debut: 1943–1955

Raedpensionaris: 1955–1964

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