Japanese National Redemption Army

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Japanese National Redemption Army
Nihon Ximin Xokuzai-gun
Also known asNXXG
Dates of operation1954–82
Active regionsJapan, Soenda, Kirignaga-Loloue, Tussenland, Mexico, etc.
IdeologyNational republicanism

The Japanese National Redemption Army (Japanese: 𪰐市民贖罪軍, Nihon Ximin Xokuzai-gun), abbreviated as Nixixo (二シショ, /ˈniʃiʃow/) or NXXG, was a revolutionary paramilitary organization that operated from 1954 to 1982. It was established by Japanese national republicans and communards at the outset of the Dirty War as a self-defense organization, evolving into an paramilitary and provisional government by the mid-1970s. While originally based in Japan, the Nixixo expanded globally into Indonesia, southern Asia, the Pacific, eastern Africa, and western North America. In 1982, Maquino Xunja ordered the dissolution of the NXXG and its incorporation into the Mingun; consequentially, members with neo-communard leanings broke away and formed the United Youth Society.

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