Dutch Realm

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Kingdom of the Netherlands

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
Flag of Dutch Realm
and largest city
Official languagesDutch
Recognized languagesSinhala
GovernmentFederal monarchy

The Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) is a multinational country. It consists of three major constituent members (componenten)— the Netherlands, the Union of Zeylan, and New Batavia. It is often characterized as a decentralized federation or a federacy, with the Netherlands de facto possessing asymmetric powers over other constituent states.

It is the foremost multi-continental sovereign state in the world, with territories in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Australasia. The bulk of the population and economic value is located in the European provinces of the Netherlands, followed by the Province of Zeylan in southern Asia. The Kingdom is considered the foundation of the cultural-economic Batavosphere region.



Each of the three constituent countries manage their own subdivisions, which also include overseas territories of that particular constituent nation.

Country Capital
Netherlands Amsterdam
European provinces
Saint Helena and Mauritius Mauritsstad
Sint Maarten Fort Amsterdam
Saba De Botte
Sint Eustatius Oranjestad
Union of Zeylan Kolamba
Province of Zeylan
Kingdom of Kandy Kandie
New Batavia Noorstadt
Province of New Batavia
Mynors Islands
Mijnclara Island
Kingdom of the Netherlands Amsterdam

Government and Politics

The Kingdom is a constitutional federal monarchy, a union of three constituent states with a quasi-federal structure. The head of state is the monarch of the Netherlands, who hails from the Orange-Nassau dynasty. Each state has an independent head of government, though the Prime Minister of the Netherlands is in effect acknowledged as being of a higher status. As established in the late 20th century, the Kingdom operates on the principle of equality from practicality (gelijkheid van nut), emphasizing the ideal of justice through pragmatism.


The Council of States (Raad der Staten) functions as the core executive body of the Kingdom. It is informally called the Triumvirate (Driemanschap), as it consists of the heads of government of the three constituent states, who collectively make decisions regarding the Kingdom's affairs.

Legal system

Foreign relations

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