Camille Laframboise

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Grand Marshal
Camille Laframboise
Grand Marshal of France
In office
14 July 1928 – 8 December 1938
Preceded byFrançois Desmarais
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Personal details
Born31 May 1872
Olivet-sur-Loire, Orléanais, Kingdom of France
Died8 December 1938
Passy, Paris, France
Cause of deathAerial bombardment
Alma materÉcole Louis XV

Camille Laframboise ([ka.miʎa.fʁɑ̃.bwaz]; 31 May 1882 – 8 December 1938) was a French politician and general. He was the most prolific leader of France during the Great War, serving as Grand Marshal of France for ten years between 1928 and his death.

Early life and origins

Laframboise was born on 31 May 1882 in the suburban town of Olivet-Sur-Loire immediately south of the city of Orléans. His father, Henri-Lambert Laframboise, was a financial broker and descendant of the notable New French Laframboise family. Marie-Bennett Mongin, his mother, was originally a native of Lyon and had met Henri-Lambert in Paris during her work as a seamstress.

The clan's origins lay to the southwest of Olivet-sur-Loine in the town of Amboise, once the seat of the French royal court in the pre-Bourbon period. In the early 17th century, the Laframboise family had emigrated to Quebecq and northern New England. Camille's grandfather, Cesar Laframboise (1784–1831), had returned to France during the Augustine Wars as a political refugee.

Move to Paris

Career at Rue de Vaugirard: 1905–1928

L'Ombre de Desmarais: 1928–1935

Invading Savoy and global fame: 1935–1937

Final days and death


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