House of Bourbon

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House of Bourbon
Parent houseCapetian dynasty
CountryNew France (1793–)
France (1589–1795, 1815–1873)
Lombardy (1700–1814)
Parma (1746–1814)
Naples (1700–1814)
Sicily (1700–1755)
Sardinia (1700–1756)
FounderRobert of Clermont
SeatQuebec, New France
  • House of Bourbon-Anjou (agnatic, senior)
  • House of Valentinois
  • House of Güemes (enatic descent)
  • House of Condé

The House of Bourbon (French: Maison de Bourbon) is a prominent European royal house which is currently the reigning dynasty of New France. Of French origin, it was established in the 13th century as a branch of the Capetian dynasty. From 1589 to 1795, the Bourbons ruled the Kingdom of France along with numerous other domains throughout Europe. After the Augustine Wars, two branches of the dynasty ruled simultaneously; the agnatically senior Bourbon-Anjou branch from Quebec and the Valentinois family from Paris. The latter's dissolution in 1874 resulted in New France being the only Bourbon-held domain in modern day.


Branches and relatives

From the 20th century, the House of Bourbon has been split into four main branches:

  • Bourbon-Anjou; the senior agnatic line of the dynasty whose members are direct descendants of the first Bourbon monarch, Henry IV. Since 1793, this lineage has been located in New France due to the persecution of royalty during the Augustine Wars.
  • Valentinois[1]; established in 1733 with the marriage of the premier prince Duke of Orléans to the Grimaldi sovereign of Monaco. This cadet branch ruled mainland France from 1815 to 1873.
  • Güemes; the former Mexican imperial house whose members are female-line Bourbon descendants due to the marriage of fille de France Geraldine to Emperor Jorge of Mexico in 1874.
  • Condé; descendants of Huguenot noble Louis, Prince of Condé, uncle of Henry IV of France.


Family tree

Genealogy of Bourbon monarchs (1643–)
Louis XIII
King of France
Louis XIV
King of France
Philippe I
Duke of Orléans
Philip VII
King of France
Philippe III
Duke of Orléans
Prince of Monaco
Louise Hippolyte Grimaldi
Princess of Monaco
Philip VIII
King of France
Antoine II
Prince of Monaco
Louis XV
King of New France[2]
Henry, Duke of Aquitaine
King of France (claimed)
Louis XV
King of France
Henry V
King of New France
Louis XVI
King of France
Henry VI
King of New France
Henry VII
King of New France
Louis XVII
King of France
Queen of New France
Francis III
King of New France
Empress consort of Mexico
Emperor of Mexico
Henry VIII
King of New France
Emperor of Mexico
John III
King of New France


  1. ^ Also known as the House of Grimaldi, Bourbon-Grimaldi, Bourbon-Monaco, or Bourbon-Valentinois. It is also commonly referred to in English and French as the Valentine dynasty (Dynastie valentinoise).
  2. ^ The official title of the monarch of New France had not been altered; Bourbon-Anjou monarchs continuously refer to themselves as King of France (rex Francie), as has been done since 1190.

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