Anssem Sjestakow

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Anssem Sjestakow
President of Tussenland
In office
Personal details
Anatoly Nikolaevich Shestakov

Omsk, Russia
  • Nikolai Shestakov (father)
  • Elena Shestakov (mother)
Alma materTussenland National University

Anssem Sjestakow (born Anatoly Nikolaevich Shestakov) was a Tussenlander politician, who served as the President of Tussenland from 1967 to 1979.

Early life

Sjestakow was born on 23 April 1912 in Omsk, Russia. He was the second child of Nikolai Sjestakow (1881-1952) and Elena Sjestakow (1883-1954). At the time of his birth, his father was an industrial laborer, and his mother was a schoolteacher. His family was forced to emigrate in 1924 amidst the Russian Civil War, when Sjestakow was 12 years old.

The Sjestakows lived in New Netherland for two years (1924-1926). During this time, Sjestakow, in his early teens, developed a knack for the Amerikaens language, as he would read newspapers and books to train himself in the language. In June 1926, the Sjestakows moved to Nieuw-Kaetsheuvel, Tussenland.

Sjestakow decided to pursue higher education to escape what he perceived as the "slow-paced" life in Nieuw-Kaetsheuvel. In 1929, he enrolled at Tussenland National University in Daesemus, the capital of Tussenland, focusing on Government Administration. During his studies, he became involved in several political organizations for the youth. It was also during this period that he adopted the name Anssem, to exude a more Amerikaner-sounding identity.

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