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Mexican Independence and role during the Communard Revolution

El Borto Today at 2:11 PM maybe the communards are out the next year or two in spain (1878 or so) and retreat to the hills and wage a guerrilla type war? then the king of Spain returns to the homeland in 1879 and when he does the soon to be Mexican empire strikes and takes power The Spanish try retaking Mexico but their empire is substantially weakened and not able to mount an effective counterattack

wannabee Today at 2:14 PM True. Makes sense i like it. Also we could have the communards do crazy shit in Spain a la Reign of Terror which will make the general public lose trust in the Communard revolution and want the king back Restore Order

El Borto Today at 2:16 PM makes sense, maybe the communards take a page out of the OTL Spainish Civil war and factionalize also I wonder what might happen to the Spanish colonies the east during this period?

wannabee Today at 2:33 PM Also mexican independence in 1881 sounds sound. Enough time for canal building in 1891 :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

Bort (1/19): is is wrong that I rip off pre colombian history section from wikipedia?