Matlock disaster

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Matlock disaster
Date7 January 1984
SummaryPilot error and engine failure
SiteMatlock Dale, Derbyshire, England, Britain
Total fatalities2 (initially 1)
Aircraft typeGoltz COA-7
Flight originChatsworth House, Derbyshire, England, Britain
PassengersErnest III
Alexander II & V
Charles Eubanks
Survivors1 (initially 2)

On 7 January 1984, a Goltz COA-7 aliger crashed on the southern slopes of the Pennine Hills, 4.7 mi from the British town of Matlock, killing one person and injuring two. Ernest III, King of the United Kingdom, was killed, marking the first time a British head of state was killed in an alate accident. His brother Alexander II & V and royal attendant Charles Eubanks sustained severe spinal injuries, resulting in the death of the former months later due to medical complications. This incident is commonly known as the Matlock disaster in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries.


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