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BornElizabeth Euphemia Alexandra
15 April 1953
Royal Maternity Hospital, Greenwich, Great Britain
FatherAlexander II & V
MotherMary d'Abro

Euphemia (Elizabeth Euphemia Alexandra; born 15 April 1953) is Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth realms. The granddaughter of Ernest II, she unexpectedly became monarch in the spring of 1984 due to the death of her father Alexander II & V as a result of the Matlock aerial disaster. Prior to her ascension, she was commonly known in Britain as Lady Albemarle, a style she adopted shortly after her marriage to Prince Augustus.

Youth: 1953–1977

Euphemia was born during the reign of her grandfather Ernest II on 15 April 1953 to Alexander, Duke of Ross and Mary d'Abro. Delivered at the Royal Maternity Hospital, Greenwich, was the first major royal to be born in a medical institution accessible to the public. Her father, the Duke of Ross, was the second son of Ernest II. Upon her baptism in the Palace of Whitehall on 19 April, she was given the name Euphemia, after both the medieval Scottish countess Euphemia of Ross and the Christian saint Euphemia of Chalcedon.

Mary d'Abro, her mother, was a noblewoman of Armeno–Sicilian descent, making Euphemia the first modern British royal to have traceable Near Eastern and Italian heritage (≈25%). Mary's grandfather Salomone d'Abro Pagratide, an Armenian nobleman from Constantinople who was raised to the status of prince by the King of Sicily in 1869, claimed descent from the ancient Bagrationi dynasty of the Caucasus.

Marriage and education

Hiver infini: 1984

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