Azize Halilkizi

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Azize Halilkizi Schumnulu
3rd Chairwoman of Rumelia
In office
12 September 1945 – 5 April 1961
Personal details
15 March 1897

Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died23 August 1975 (age 78)
Sudac, Crimea, Russia

Azize Halilkizi Schumnulu (Western Turkish: عزيزا خليلكۡزۡ شومنولو, Азизэ Һaлилкызы Шумнулу; 15 March 1897 – 23 August 1975) was a Rumelian stateswoman who served as the third Chairwoman of Rumelia from 1945 to 1961. She was the first female non-royal head of state in the world upon her appointment in 1945. Mainly due to her paladine and conservative social policies, Halilkizi was overthrown in 1961 and sought asylum in Russia.

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