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Template:Party color produces the hexadecimal color of the provided political party.



<section begin="Parameters"/>

Parameter Description
1 The political party's name. If a party is not found, place a request at the talk page.
error Optional, this parameter will return the provided |error= value if the module does not contain the requested party or color.

<section end="Parameters"/>


Here are some examples using the Labour Party (note that there are multiple potential input names):

	["Labour and Co-operative"] = "Labour Party (UK)",
	["Labour Co-operative"] = "Labour Party (UK)",
	["Labour Party (Thailand)"] = {abbrev = "", color = "#FF0000", shortname = "",},
	["Labour Party (UK)"] = {abbrev = "Lab", color = "#E4003B", shortname = "Labour",},

Error messages

If the party is not supplied, or the color is not stored for the party, an error will be returned. Note that if the party is not in the module at all (third example below) the default color #F8F9FA will be returned.

  • {{Party color}}parameter 1 should be a party name.
  • {{Party color|A test no values}}Value not in template. Please request that it be added.
  • {{Party color|Not-a-party}} → #F8F9FA

To avoid generating a script error, use |error=value. Note that this error value will also be passed if the party is not stored in the module.

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