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{{Collapsible option}} is a utility template provides a standardised message for transclusion on template documentaion pages for templates whose collapsibility may be managed by the parameter |state=.

It can be used on either the template page itself (wrapped within <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags), but it is almost always better to place it in the template's {{documentation subpage}}.

Indicating optional use of state name

The |state= parameter used to manage collapsible templates need not always be named explicitly, i.e. {{Template name|state}} can be the same as {{Template name|state=state}}, if the template is coded that way. To indicate this in the {{Collapsible option}} message, add the parameter |statename=optional. This modifies the message so that it reads (if it were used for itself):

This template's initial visibility currently defaults to autocollapse, meaning that if there is another collapsible item on the page (a navbox, sidebar, or table with the collapsible attribute), it is hidden apart from its title bar; if not, it is fully visible.

To change this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used:

  • {{Collapsible option|state=collapsed}} will show the template collapsed, i.e. hidden apart from its title bar.
  • {{Collapsible option|state=expanded}} will show the template expanded, i.e. fully visible.

This possibility is enabled by including:

  • {{{1|}}} as part of a collapsible template's |state= parameter – for instance, as |state={{{state|{{{1|}}}}}} or |state={{{state|{{{1|<noinclude>expanded</noinclude>}}}}}}, etc.
  • <noinclude>,<includeonly>as part of a collapsible template's state argument – for instance, as |state={{{state<includeonly>|collapsed</includeonly>}}}

If, however, the template includes collapsible sections within itself (e.g. {{Navbox with collapsible groups}}), then enabling this possibility may introduce ambiguity as regards what is to be collapsed or expanded. In those instances, therefore, the requirement to use |state= should be retained.

Changing the default state

To change the default state {{Collapsible option}} uses, add the parameter |default=collapsed or |default=expanded accordingly. To restore the default, remove any |default= previously included.

The |default=collapsed option must not be used in main article content in mainspace, e.g. to hide tables of information, or to cram extraneous details into infoboxes. (For more information, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style § Scrolling lists and collapsible content.) This option is permissible in navboxes, which are not part of the article content per se.

Slashes and the nobase parameter

If the template name given to {{Collapsible option}}</nowiki> includes a forward-slash (virgule) character – / – then the parameter |nobase= (set to on, true, etc.) will need to be added so that the name is displayed correctly (i.e., so that {{PAGENAME}} rather than the default {{BASEPAGENAME}} is used to display it).

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