From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty

Virginia (The 3rd Republic, 1899-1911)

  • 1899: Louis Sumter becomes the 1st President of the Third Virginian Republic, mainly supported by Men of Valor (business leaders that opposed Protector Washington.
  • 1899: President Sumter pardons many former Washington supporters, including his grandson Henry who returns from exile.
  • 1901: The Grave Brothers (Robert and Thomas Grave) begin a petition for social reform across the nation.
  • 1901: The Centralist Party is created in opposition to the Valorist and promises moderate reforms.
  • 1902: Mercy Hills (Martha Churchill) begins a ministry for poor relief and women's voting rights
  • 1903: Luke Highland of the Valorist Party wins the Presidential Election
  • 1903: Robert Grave is executed in prison and Thomas Grave is killed fighting in the Carson Corral
  • 1905: Mercy Hills is killed along with six other activists during a raid on their hotel room.
  • 1907: President Luke Highland of the Valorist Party wins a second term
  • 1910: Elijah IV becomes Patriarch of the Prohibitionists. Prohibitionist Church is 3% of the population.
  • 1911: Reverend Jonathan Woods announces he is running for the presidency
  • 1911: Political protest in support of Woods turn to riots against the republic.
  • 1911: President Highland assumes Emergency Powers and has Reverend Woods arrested for treason and cancels the 1911 election
  • 1911: The Lieutenants (junior officers in the Virginian Army) execute a coup and remove Highland from power.
  • 1911; The Lieutenant Constitution is rejected by Woods and others
  • 1911: Woods is almost assassinated while giving a speech

Virginian Civil War (1911-1914)

  • 1911: General Richard Rolfe assumes command of the Virginian military and disavows the Lieutenants.
  • 1911: Christian Communards establish the St. Paul Commune
  • 1911: William Black, a friend of the Grave Brothers, creates the Martyrs in Logan.
  • 1911: Henry Washington raises an army and promises to bring back peace like during the Protectorate.
  • 1911: Elijah IV gives his Abomination Speech and Prohibitionists take up arms against the government.
  • 1912: Mutinous sailors with workers establish the Tidewater Shipbuilders
  • 1912: Drafts in Conroy result in an uprising by the urban poor.
  • 1912: Hank Gest declares Amerikaener neutrality in the conflict, but begins to receive aid from New Netherlands.
  • 1912: Bombing during a Zoekerist service in Freetown. Persecution of Zoerkerist by Black Virginians increases.
  • 1912: The Plebian Prayer Warriors split off from the Horsemen.
  • 1913: Woods is killed during the Battle of Mildenhall
  • 1913: Joshua I takes Pennsborough where thousands of civilians are killed

Prohibitionist Virginia (1914-1934)

  • 1911: The State of Virginia is founded with Elijah IV as Patriarch of the People. Prohibitionist Church is 9% of the population.
  • 1930: Elijah IV dies. Is replaced by Elijah V. Prohibitionist Church is 17% of the population.

Exile Government (1934-1935)

  • 1934: General Edward Anderson lands on the Virginian Peninsula during the Yorktown Landings
  • 1934: Elijah V is ousted by the Conservatives after fleeing from OCJ
  • 1934: Joshua II refuses the commands of the Conservatives and surrenders to Anderson
  • 1934: Titan Trials begin with Elijah V and 5 other high ranking members of the Prohibitionist Church found guilty and sentenced to death.
  • 1934: Elijah VI becomes Patriarch of the Prohibitionists. Prohibitionist Church is 6% of the population.

Virginia (The 4th Republic, 1935-)

  • August 1935: Constitution adopted, the 4th government of Virginia is established.
  • 1935: Beginning of the New Reconstruction and Segregation
  • 1935: Prime Minister Rodger Taylor and the Civic Union Party take power.