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Events of the War

Early Stages

Northern European Front

A Dutch soldier in the southern Netherlands during Operation Wraak (Jan 1938), when the Netherlands and the Rhineland launched a massive offensive.

Central Front

Eastern Front

Caucasian Front

Mediterranean Front


From Wannabee:

Actual 20th Century Events 1932: Korea, seeing that Russian government is fresh and fragile, invade the Qing remnant. Korea hoped that the instability in Russia would lead them to take no action against this. But Surprise! the new government of Russia actually honors the treaty and declares war on Korea. Japan also joins Russia. This led to a war between Russo-Japanese Alliance vs a Korean-Dutch alliance. The Russo-Korean war.

1933: With a distracted Russia, Austria invades and annexes Kingdom of Saxony (the country directly above them). Britain does nothing. Russia also does nothing, obviously as they were busy in the east.In the same year, With a distracted Russia again, the Ottomans decide to declare war on Russia hoping to take more land.

1934: Dutch drop out of the Russo-Korean War. The Russians were killing it in Korea. However, the European front doesnt look to good. Fortunately, some visionary Russian military tactician already saw that victory was inevitable, and so in the past year, he ordered a bulk of the army to be sent over to the European front, unbeknownst to the Ottomans.

Also in 1934, Austria now eyes the baltic sea. They seek to invade the kingdom of pomerania (the country above saxony, which the austrians just annexed the previous year). Austria, seeing that the Ottomans are "winning" against Russia, signed an alliance with the Ottomans, hoping that it'd scare Britain away. Britain isnt taking any chances. Britain signs alliance with France and they plan on declaring war on the next act of Austrian aggression.

1935: Russia finally steamrolls Korea 100%. Korean Republic is established. This is one of Russia's first 'sister republics,' but not in the French sense that they'd be client states. Just very Russian-aligned. There would be many more Russian sister republics after they win against the Ottomans and Austria later on (oops spoilers)