Talk:Soendanese-Philippine War

From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty

Duration: 1979-1982


  • 1979: The Moluccas, with its capital at Ambon, declare independence (at that point never de facto controlled by Soendanese). They are de jure independent but de facto rely on the Batavosphere.
    • Capital: OTL Ritabel
  • 1979: Soenda invades the Banda Arc (where Ambon is), and occupy it
    • Soenda invades in 1979 which in part led to the Philippines war.
    • Soenda invades the Banda arc causing the Philippines war occupying and annexing it while they aren't able to occupy the eastern islands which is why in Omar's map they are de facto "independent"
  • This situation makes the Philippines concerned that Soenda will invade Ternate/Tidore (their part of the Moluccas), leading to the war.


  • Soenda annexes North Borneo
  • The Philippines lose over the Sulu Islands, allowing Sulu to breakaway as a republic
  • Further Filipinization (including Hispanicization, Christianization) of western Mindanao, the Philippine Moluccas, & Papua.
  • Also, the Sama-Bajau (sea nomads) would be caught in the crossfire. I can see a lot of them migrating from Philippine-controlled areas to North Borneo and the coast of New Batavia
  • Philippines dictatorship is overthrown as a result of unpopularity after the loss, some time in the future (still TBD when)