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21st century lore (too early for this imo -Bort)

After early years of turbulence, repeated border skirmishes with the EILF, lacking natural resources & a hinterland the nation rapidly developed itself in the earlier 2000's. This was partly through its own need for survival it managed to create a robust domestic industry using it as a basis to further develop itself. Eventually in the final years of the Malakkan state with more “Wartime” restrictions being removed it opened up its economy and began to rapidly develop into one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. In the present it has one of the highest quality of life in the region and longest live expectancy and ranks high in the charts for education, healthcare quality of life, and personal safety, it also has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Malakka has been identified by many as a tax haven and a gambling mecca in the region using its neighbor’s stricter rule on gambling to its advantage.

WIP History from TIM:

While the history of Pinang dates back hundreds of years, the modern state of Pinang can trace its origins back to the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) garrison located in “Nieuw Alkmaar” on the island of Pinang. In the final decades of Dutch colonial rule, the colonial admin started to invest in the island to turn it into a fortress; something that proved to be effective during the east indies crisis, as the island and the region that is now Pinang remained under KNIL control with a capable industrial base. When the war started to turn for the Dutch and when the chaos started to reign in the final years of the conflict the KNIL units stationed in the region, started to withdraw to Pinang, without orders from higher up. As it turned out this was organized by Kapitein Generaal Marten de Vries, a man that had fought in the KNIL all his life and would not give up the land he fought for. This resulted in a situation where in 1975 when all Dutch units withdrew “de Vries his army” as it was referred to, stayed and in fact became a safe haven for the Chinese refugees across the peninsula.