From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty

Vague Ideas (Bort):

  • Communard's invade Spain (or also rise up in Spain) during the the Communard revolution, the king leaves for Mexico (temporarily), In Peru the viceroy declares that Peru will stay out of European affairs and eventually after urging of leaders and disagreements with the King (whose residing in Mexico) declares independence in 1875.
  • New Spain tries to enforce Spanish rule over Peru but is unsuccessful
  • Paraguay declares independence from Peru and is respected due to not being able to effectively rule the area and fears that Britain will back Paraguay if a war happens, Paraguay agrees to give up claims to the Chaco, Paraguay ends up being a buffer state between Portuguese, British and Peruvian
  • Peru and Colombia get into a war over Ecuador / Quito district, Peru loses
  • Early-ish 1900's Colombia backs a Chilean revolution against Lima and both sides precede to call in allies ending up in a war between Colombia, the UK, Chile on one side and Peru and Equador on the other