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End of Safavid era brainstorm (tomart)

1622-26: The English + Dutch kick out Portuguese from Ormus, vassalize Kingdom of Ormus-Kishma. Negotiates with Imam Qoli Khan, gets the toll tax profits from Bandar Abbas. City of Ormus burnt, English build up the city of Kishma.

1636: The Dutch begin trading silk privately in Iran due to the government not providing them with enough contracts, thus not paying any taxes. Shah Safi orders them to but they refuse, and thus places a ban on trading with Dutch merchants.

1637: Shah Safi approves a trade contract with the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp despite the Dutch increasing silk prices as a response. Inflation got progressively worse, and the urban poor and minority populations got increasingly frustrated with the government. Mirza Mohammad Shafi, Minister of the Royal Guards, plotted to overthrow Shah Safi with nominal Dutch support. He suggests that Shah Safi go on a pilgrimage to Mashhad with an entourage of 60,000, which virtually disrupted all trade and fuelled resentment against the Shah.

1638-1642: General Ali Mardan Khan betrays the Safavids and defects to the Mughals, becoming Viceroy of the Punjab. Ali Mardan Khan owned Vizier Saru Taqi money, and that was a reason why he defected. The Vizier framed the military class as inherently untrustworthy, and sped up the conversion of Qizilbash-administered provinces into crown provinces. Yazd and Shiraz became crown provinces. This caused the alienation of local military elites, increase in private trade and companies, and propped up the greed of royal governors. The number of soldiers steadily declined, and the Qizilbash became dissatisfied with state policies.

Shah Safi began isolating his sons in the harem to protect them from Qizilbash influence, leading them to become unexperienced in statecraft. Crown Prince Abbas recovers from his illness and is designated as the heir. The Shah dies in 1642 from alcoholism.

Romanisation system for Persian

Letter Romanisation Phenome
ا â ɒ
ب b b
پ p p
ت t t
س / ص / ث s s
ج c d͡ʒ
چ ć t͡ʃ
ه / ح h h
خ ch x
د d d
ظ / ض / ز / ذ z z
ر r r
ژ ž ʒ
ش ś ʃ
ط t t
ء / ع ' ʔ
ق / غ ğ ɢ/ɣ
ف f f
ک k k
گ g g
ل l l
م m m
ن n n
و v v
ی i/y i/j