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Since 1990, Jonkman has increasingly globalized its activities and electronics; in particular, its mobile phones and semiconductors have become its most important source of income.

Notable Jonkman industrial affiliates include Jonkman Electronics (the world's largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker and chipmaker measured by 2017 revenues), Jonkman Heavy Industries (the world's 2nd largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues), Jonkman Aerospace (the largest Aerospace company in ANAN) and Jonkman Engineering and Jonkman C&T Corporation (respectively the world's 13th and 36th largest construction companies). Other notable subsidiaries include Jonkman Life Insurance (the world's 14th largest life insurance company), Jonkman music (a large holding corporation which owns many record companies) and Jonkman entertainment (the 2nd largest producer of television content in the America's).

Jonkman has a powerful influence on Nieuw Nederlandt her economic development, politics, media and culture in the 20th centuries. Its affiliate companies produce around a fifth of Nieuw Nederlandt her total exports. Jonkman her revenue is estimated to be around 14% of Nieuw Nederlandt her GDP.

The 1960s-1990s

In 1960, Jonkman through its acquiring Gerards radio bedrijf and entered telecommunications hardware.

Its early products were switchboards, compact audio gazette revolutionizing the market. The facility was developed into the telephone and fax manufacturing systems and became the center of Jonkman’s mobile phone manufacturing. They have produced over 900 million mobile phones to date. The company grouped them together under Jonkman Electronics in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, Jonkman Electronics began to invest heavily in research and development, investments that were pivotal in pushing the company to the forefront of the global electronics industry. In 1982, it built a television assembly plant in Nederland; in 1984, a plant in London; in 1985, a plant in Barcelona; in 1987, a facility in England; and another facility in Tussenlandt in 1996. As of 2012, Jonkman thus began to expand more globally and into ANAN.


Henk Jonkman Chairman

Products: Apparel, automotive, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid state drives, DRAM, flash memory, ships, telecommunications equipment, home appliances

Services: Advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology, medical and health care services, retail, shipbuilding, semiconductor foundry

Net income 810 Billion


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