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Genoa's role in the Great War (02/01/2022)

wannabee β€” Today at 3:11 PM

Tbh France could've easily just left Genoa alone (for the meantime, at least) in order not to compromise relations with the Ottomans. Plus Genoa would also be anti-Venice so the France wouldn't see them as a threat but a potential satellite state ally

In an alternate universe, where the Tripartite Coalition won the Great War, France would most likely take Genoa at some point and this would be the one of the souring points of French-Ottoman relations....

And a cold war between France and the Ottomans instead lol

𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔱 β€” Today at 3:16 PM

that would be an interesting scenario for sure

but ittl I think Genoa would be the Franco's Spain of the Tripartite pact

pro-pact but 'officially neutral'

because they would know that they could easily loose it all including their colonies


wannabee β€” Today at 3:18 PM

Yeah that makes sense. The Genoese definitely wouldn't want that to happen.

𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔱 β€” Today at 3:19 PM

though I could definitely see that leading to an interesting outcome post war πŸ€” Because many of their major trading partners loosing the war + their main rival Venice winning. Unintentionally the GW could potentially spill the end of Genoan empire maybe

wannabee β€” Today at 3:22 PM

Which is why the Genoese leadership could be wise enough not to officially join the war right? But they could be "sympathetic" to the Tripartite cause. Interestingly, to tie Genoa to the GW, we could see multiple calls from the public for Genoa to join the war on the side of the French (this should come when the French/Ottomans are starting to kick ass in Europe) Genoese war hawks could see the opportunity and be disgruntled at the government for not joining the war. Maaaaybe we could see a military coup attempt by warhawky Genoese military officers? But then the coup fails, leaders executed, etc., and the movement dies down once the Austrians fully occupy Venice.The momentum and support for joining the war dies down because they had "already lost their chance" at taking Venetian territory,  so to speak. So there is no point in joining the war then. But in hindsight, was a great move to not join the war

𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔱 β€” Today at 3:28 PM

Ah yeah that could definitely make sense for sure. I really like that idea because it ties in Genoa to the rest of what's happening in the GW