From Roses, Tulips, & Liberty
  • French Fiji (Karjo lore)
    • 1835-36: Unification of Fiji under French influence
    • 1852: Establishment of Fiji as a French protectorate
  • Dutch Fiji
    • 1939: Dutch Mandate created after GW
    • The Dutch would not invest heavily in integrating Fiji closely with the Dutch Empire.
    • Relatively self-sufficient and not every economically dependent on NL.
    • Chinese laborers brought into Dutch Fiji
    • A class of Chinese merchants (descended from the Chinese laborers) becomes prominent in trade and governance
    • Indigenous Fijians are granted more rights to secure loyalty and eliminate concerns about the growing Chinese population (Tim)
  • Independence (1986)
    • Voted status quo during the 1985 federalization referendum
    • Independence: 1986