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List of East Indies monarchies, 1938


  • Johor


  • Siak Sri Indrapura
  • Langkat
  • Paga Ruyung


  • Bandjar
  • Principality of Kota Waringin
  • Koetei
  • Boeloengan
  • Mempawah

Djava & Bali

  • Mataram
  • Banten
  • Kanoman
  • Kloengkoeng (largest Balinese principality)
  • Buleleng (State based in Bali with lands in Blambangan)

Celebes & Banda Islands

  • Goewa
  • Bone
  • Gorontalo
  • Buton
  • Minhasa Confederation
  • Siau
  • Loewe
  • Wadjoe
  • Banggai
  • Mandar

Pre-Augustine Wars: Points to Elaborate On

Johor Empire

  • What happens to the Johor Empire (partitioned IOTL in Anglo-Dutch treaty 1824)

Javanese sultanates

  • What happens to the Sultanate of Mataram (partitioned in 1757 IOTL)

Lesser Sundas (the future Timor)

  • How Christianity spread and how the Spanish governed the Lesser Sunda Islands (with focus on Larantuka, Bhima, and Timorse principalities) during 1804-55 and 1911-35

Ternate and Tidore

  • What happened to the Ternate and Tidore sultanates so that 1) Halmahera was ceded to the Philippines in 1855, 2) their influence in Papua is eliminated and Spain takes west Papua during 1811-60

Brunei and north Borneo

  • French influence and eventual colonization of Brunei

Sulu and the Sabah area


  • Bugis influence and rule in Johor, Aceh, and other states and their relations with the Dutch post-1669 (when the Bugis state, the Principality of Bone + the Dutch defeated the Makassarese kingdom of Gowa-Tallo which Bone was a subordinate state of)

Amboina and environs

Post-Augustine Wars: Points to Elaborate On


What happens to it without the British? Why don't they come?

Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1924

Dutch remains in control of Malacca

Spanish - Tidor War

Colonization of Nueva Guinea

French in Sarawak / Brunei

When? How? Why?

Spanish - Dutch War

Spanish take Timor & Maluku from the Dutch

Useful IOTL Information (Pre-Augustine)

Johor Empire

• An empire ruled by the Malaccan dynasty, descendants of the last Sultan of Malacca in 1511. Johor Sultan maintained right to rule based on Hindu and Muslim kingship

• Allied with the Dutch in 1606 and made a treaty: Johor stays independent and thrives on trade, Malacca is Dutch (conquered in 1641), and Aceh is kept at bay

• Dutch maintained Portuguese system of tolls, passes, and monopolies on certain trades. This put Malacca into decline, Johor became more prosperous

• Johor only allied with the Dutch because they kicked out the Portuguese, and used this to justify Dutch ownership of Malacca “they could have done much worse than just occupy Malacca”

• 1699: Last ruler of the Malaccan dynasty of Johor was killed, Prime Minister Abdul Jalil took over and ruled until 1717

• 1717-1722 war between Abdul Jalil and Malaccan dynasty heir claimant. Abdul Jalil won with the help of Bugis explorers

• In return, Bugis princes got mineral and mining rights within Johor territory, founding the Sultanate of Riau-Lingga under suzerainty of Johor

• Johor in 1700s decentralized and unstable, game of balance between local rulers

• Rivalry between the Bugis and the Malay intensified in the 1700s

• Bugis power weakened in 1746 when the Bugis Prince fucked up, but restored by 1760 (brief interregnum in Riau)

• Pretender to the Malaccan dynasty throne still in Siak Sri Indrapura, threatening Johor, forcing them to keep the Bugis around

• 1760 several Johor sultans died in a row, so the Bugis took the opportunity to increase their power. Chose infant prince as the new Sultan Mahmud Riayat Shah as puppet ruler

• Sultan Mahmud made treaty of protection with VOC in 1784 to exploit Dutch-Bugis rivalry • Raja Mohamad, mixed Malay-Bugis prince and son of the Grand Duke, viable candidate for throne challenged by Raja Ali. 1800-1804 crisis, no one wins

Kingdom of Gowa

• Kingdom formed by Nine Clans coming together ~1300, Islamized 1605

• 1616-37 war with Dutch, forced to recognize interest in Spice Isles

• 1644 sub-kingdom of Bone rebellion

• 1654 Sultan refused to ratify Treaty, war again, another treaty in 1655, Dutch declared war again in 1660, made new treaty

• 1660 treaty: Dutch kept Gowan hostages in Batavia, forced them to kick out Portuguese from Sulawesi

• 1666-1669: Bugis-Dutch invasion of Gowa, led by Bugis Prince Arung Palakka of the Bone Kingdom. Gowa forced to accept Dutch domination of spice trade

• 1673: Fort Rotterdam est., turned into Makassar City

• 1776-1790 civil war “War of Batara”

• Early 1800s: war between Gowa and Bone again

Makassar War 1666-1669 (OTL summary)

Side 1: Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo (Makassarese ethnicity), Principality of Wajo' (Bugis)

Side 2: VOC, Principality of Bone (Bugis), Principality of Seppong (Bugis)

Result: War ended Gowa's trade prosperity. War allowed the Bugis and Makassarese to spread across Nusantara for the next 3 centuries. Prince Arung Palakka of Bone became Sultan of Bone in 1672. Fort of Makassar (built 1525) captured by the Dutch and renamed Fort Rotterdam.