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credits to: AlpheusFL12/04/2020 may i propose british argentina

jakethebruh12/07/2020 Carolina? [9:45 AM] the American states are named for Charles in that manner (his Latin form Carolus)

wannabee: yes they have good relations ittl, since 1701 after the spanish succession crisis. but afaik it was not until the 1770s that spain established viceroyalty of the río de la plata [3:51 AM] the british colonies were not really large ittl (the dutch, their allies since the 1680s, had already claimed land west of the eastern coast, leaving them with little room to expand [3:51 AM] pushing them to colonize other places, and perhaps ittl, the rio de la plata [3:51 AM] makes sense?

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Major Political Parties

  • Liberal Party of Carolina (LP): Center-left, Social Equality; Environmentalism; Free Market Capitalism
  • The Conservative Party of the Carolines (the Tories or CPC): Center-right, Capitalism, Monarchism, Cultural Conservatism
  • Partido Nacionalista de Argentino (PNA): Center-right; Argentine Nationalism; Argentine Autonomy; Electoralism
  • Social Democratic Party of Carolina (SDPC): Left wing; Unionism, Social-Democracy; Social Equality
  • The Green Party (GP): Center-left to left-wing party; Environmentalism, Indigenous sovereignty
  • The New National Party of Carolina (NPP): Right wing, Caroline Nationalism, Anti-immigration, Centralism