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El BortoYesterday at 11:47 PM Would ACB Islands be self governing or act a full part of NNL? Or what Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:47 PM it could at least make us postpone the flag making untill the modern day lol They would act a full part of NNL i think, they could become a Generaliteits landt directly governed by the estates general sort of in the tradition of the republic wannabeeYesterday at 11:48 PM well since i was only gonna formally write the history up until the late 1800s they are viewed as separate from NNL during this time and up to between 1900s and 1910s because remember the arc we had Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:48 PM Maybe we can eventually do a whole arc in the 1950s wannabeeYesterday at 11:48 PM they still use indentured labor in ACB even after NNL's abolition of slavery but its banned in NNL proper Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:48 PM they don't want indepedence but say fair represenatation that sort of thing wannabeeYesterday at 11:49 PM so the loophole to this is that they declare ACB as separate territories not subject to mainland law but yeah post 1910s this could change wait didnt we talk about slavery in NNL before Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:50 PM Yeah a Generaliteits sort of thing wannabeeYesterday at 11:50 PM i forgot what happened to that Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:50 PM seperate but still under the protection Yeah i think we sort of said "Slavery would just never be that much of a big issue" for NNL proper at least wannabeeYesterday at 11:50 PM ah ok yeah that was what i was thinking but i wasnt sure lol yeah makes sense since they didnt really rely on slaves that much right? El BortoYesterday at 11:51 PM Yeah they'd probably ban it real early Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:51 PM yeah But also just there would be very few El BortoYesterday at 11:51 PM Iotl states in the north banned it pre 1776 Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:51 PM maybe only rich patroons but maybe early on NNL sort of had a distate for it wannabeeYesterday at 11:52 PM theyd mostly be indifferent about it since they are not reliant on it i could see them banning slavery between the time britain does (1830s) and the 1850 war Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:52 PM yeah wannabeeYesterday at 11:53 PM they ban slavery so that theyd gain the favorable opinion of GB El BortoYesterday at 11:53 PM Yeah the big issue is that slavery wouldn't really be profitable in the NNL anywhere but a few parts of Delaware and Maryland wannabeeYesterday at 11:53 PM who surrounded them on all sides lol Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:53 PM wait but then they would rely on it ? lol El BortoYesterday at 11:53 PM Wouldn't Sorry typo Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:53 PM then i read it wrong lol I mean NNL would early on likely never attent it maybe coming to a point that due legalities untill 1950 it is not formally codified lol El BortoYesterday at 11:54 PM Idk tbh they should formally codify it Abolition was a VERY hot button issue Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:54 PM True El BortoYesterday at 11:55 PM Literally the moral issue of our time said a British primr minister in the 1840s (iirc) wannabeeYesterday at 11:56 PM i agree and while we're at it (ik wrong channel) but Tussenland/Kingdom of the Neth. could abolish it post 1850? When they lose the southern regions of tussenland where the most slaves working for plantations were at what do oyu think? but there are other Dutch colonies at this time to consider as well tho maybe Tussenland could do it as a separate thing after self-governemnt was given to them in 1861? Supreme Duchess TimYesterday at 11:58 PM I think if they do that then you have an uprising in Asia as the news would trickle down El BortoYesterday at 11:58 PM Plus slavery had another economic angle that alot of people forget, in that alot of working class and urban poor were against slavery in order to avoid labor competition with slaves (which obviously worked for free) wannabeeYesterday at 11:59 PM oh thats actually a good point El BortoYesterday at 11:59 PM For example iotl Missouri support for slavery plummeted with the growth of st Louis and a creation of an urban working class (of mostly Irish descent) El BortoToday at 12:01 AM Slavery was only really popular amongst slave holders (of the large and small variety) and by southern/midland merchants Supreme Duchess TimToday at 12:02 AM true wannabeeToday at 12:03 AM solid points El BortoToday at 12:03 AM Check out this cool gif