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Pre crisis background ideas:

In the aftermath of the Russo-Corean war

*the primary political organization for Chinese Malaya is a traditionalist, loyalist & confucian society

*while in contrast the primary politcal organization for the Malayunesian nationalist is a pan-malayunesian, mildly islamist & heavily nationalist party growing in radicalism


I think to many in the region national-republicanism (but their own version of it) would be seen as a effective way to unite the nation against the Dutch (& their collaborators) and would be seen as a path towards decolonization

maybe ittl pan-malayuensian nationalists would have "Malayness" be defined this way:

bahasa (language)

agama (malay religion or islam)

bangsa (nation)


The pro-Ming side of Chinese SE Asia politics would probably consist of:

• Huaxia-Malaya political party

• Secret societies and fraternal organizations (a la Tiandihui)

• Mining organizations/labor unions

• Religious-based organizations like Confucian churches, Christian Chinese associations, etc


TLDR so far;

• Kra Canal built in the 19th century in Siam + British support

• Chinese KNIL ethnostate centered around Penang + Perak (bc of the tin mines there)

• Few thousand Northern Chinese emigrate to Dutch colonial possessions in Asia after Canton War

• Malayan demographics: Chinese stay 20-40% + immigration of other East Indies groups like the Javanese, Minangkabau, Ambonese/Minahasa