Table of Chinese characters

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This is a table of the pronunciations of various characters found in Standard Chinese.

Single characters

IPA Character SC Definition(s)
/kɪŋ˥/ gīng Capital city
/t͡sou̯˥/ zōw Prefecture, division, canton
/ɕi˧˩/ śì City, town, to do business
/peɪ̯ʔ/ bėi North, northern, to be defeated
/naːm˩˧/ nám South, southern
/tʊŋ˥/ dōng East, eastern, owner
/si˥/ 西 West, western
/san˥/ sān Mountain, hill, tomb
/t͡sʊng˥/ zūng Middle, center, medium, intermediary, heart
/kwɔ˩˧/ gwó Country, nation, state, kingdom

Double characters

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