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Total population
500,000 (1980)
≈2,000,000 of partial descent
Reformed Church (majority)
Roman Catholicism (minority)

The Suyderlings ('Southerners') are a distinct Amerikaener people who share common descent from white Europeans expelled from South Tussenland and to a lesser extent, Saint-Domingue, in the mid-19th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century, they have primarily resided in the provinces of North and South Mizürie in Tussenland, where they constitute a significant component of the Mizürisch political class.

As a social block, they retain a steadfast illiberal attitude in Tussenlandic society, widely opposing Asian-Amerikaener immigration, communardism, and integration with the Association of North American Nations. Many Suyderling families are prominent as maize cultivators, locomotive barons, and hoteliers.


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