Prince Charles of Wales

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Prince Charles of Wales
Photo Taken three months before the Prince's death in 1870
BornAugust 21, 1848
Leinster House, Middlesex, United Kingdom
DiedDecember 28, 1870
Claremont House, Surrey, England
Cause of deathTyphoid fever
Burial placeSt George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
  • Edward VII (father)
  • Marie Louise of Sweden (mother)

Prince Charles of Wales (Charles David Ernest Augustus) was the only legitimate child of King Edward VII and his wife, Princess Marie Louise of Sweden. He was second in line for the throne of the United Kingdom from his birth until his death at the age of 22.


Charles was born on February 8, 1840 at the Palace of Whitehall, one day short of nine months after the wedding of his parents. He would be named in honor of King Charles III, who was seen as the greatest British Monarch of the eighteenth century, and his grandfather King Ernest I. His parents ended up separating within weeks after his birth, though they remained under the same roof. Despite this, he would have a fairly happy childhood and was expected to become King after his father. He enjoyed studying history and bonded with his father over discussions stoic philosophy and literature.

When Charles turned 21, he would be engaged to Princess Maria Amélia of Portugal, but this marriage unfortunately would never come to fruition. Prince Charles would tragically die at the age of 22 when he contracted and succumbed to a bout of Typhoid fever. His parents would be devastated by his death, and afterward, the two would only drift further apart. As his father had no other legitimate children, his death would move his uncle, Prince Alexander Victor, Duke of York and Albany, up the line of succession, and he would eventually come to the throne after Edward’s assassination.

Titles and honours

  • 1848-1870: His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales

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