Partaj ngKatjau Kampong Nasjonal

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Partaj ngKatjau Kampong Nasjonal
PurposeIndependence from the Netherlands
OriginsMedini Iskandar, Djohor, Dutch East Indies
Official language
Dutch (1958–1962)
Malay (1958–1976)
Russian (1970–1973)
President (Kɘpala)
Mohammed Harahap (1958–1960)
Kasan Said Narajau (1960–1976)
Secretary (Wɘdana)
Soedjojo Hok (1964–1976)

The Partaj ngKatjau Kampong Nasjonal ([partai (mə)ŋgat͡ʃaw kampoŋ nasʲonal], lit. 'Party to Rouse the National Populace', modern Indonesian: Party ngKac̆au Kampong Nasjonal), often abbreviated to PKKN, was a political party and revolutionary organization established in 1958 with the ultimate goal of creating a sovereign Soendanese nation. In the aftermath of the devastating Djohor Uprising, Mohammed Harahap and other anti-colonial figures laid the foundations of the PKKN in the late 1950s, quickly attracting a large following. This infamy inevitably led to the execution of the Soematra 16 in 1960 and the formation of the Soendanese Liberation Army, the military wing of the Partaj which would soon overshadow the entire organization. The PKKN would formally disband in 1976 shortly after the conclusion of the East Indies Crisis.


Origins: 1958–1960

Consolidation: 1960–1962

Wartime activities: 1962–1972

Waning: 1972–1976

Legacy and succession

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