Nieuw Nederlandt Intelligence Community

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Nieuw Nederlandt intelligence community is a group of separate government intelligence agencies and subordinate organizations, or some suspected organizations, that work both separately and collectively to conduct intelligence activities which support foreign policy, national security interest, domestic policy and broader often vague goals.

Projekt 87

Projekt 87 is the name given to a stay-behind army in Nieuw Nederlandt charged with countering possible intrusions from Britain, Russia and other hostile forces, keeping the population resilient and taking preemptive actions to prevent potential negative elements from arising. Founded in the wake of the Colonel's affair in 1956 by elements within the Military, civil government and private groups. The official name of the organization is not known, nor is the actual structure, size, capabilities or coverage known. It's rumoured that it maintains files on some 8 million citizens and has weapon caches stocked throughout Nieuw Nederlandt.