List of companies

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North America

New Netherland

  • Jonkman Holdings: the largest conglomerate in New Netherland: from electronics to heavy industries, financial services, and defense.
  • Beekman Financial Group: financial services, insurance, etc. Owns the oldest financial institution in NNL, the Bank of New Amsterdam, which could've been founded shortly after independence in the 1790s. Has a large global investment arm.
  • Tepperik-Koenders Holdings: energy, natural gas, and oil.
  • Haverströ Co.: Retail and consumer goods, largest retail chain in NNL with branches around NE and Virginia and Tussenland.
  • NNCC (New Netherland Communication Corporation): Telecommunications, Entertainment.
  • New Netherland Steel
  • Hedel Standard Oil (defunct in 1956): absorbed into Jonkman Oil Company


  • Evangelista Telesistemas (ETS): phones, fax, television, computers, etc.